What training opportunities should new mortgage advisors look for?

Entering the world of work as a mortgage advisor is exciting but not easy. Indeed, it is sometimes said that learning the ropes for advisors is a vertical, rather than just a steep learning curve! In this post-Covid-19 era of constant changes to rates and criteria, plus spiralling house prices and living costs, that is truer than ever. Therefore, advisors who want to swim rather than sink need support and training from the firms that they join, but what should that entail?

On-the-job mentorship

Mortgage advisors begin with the CeMAP training course already under their belts, which provides the basic skills and knowledge needed. However, with so many factors affecting the market at the moment, advisors should look for a company that offers them on-the-job mentorship for their first year as a professional.

This should be someone with lengthy experience in the industry who can provide valuable guidance on issues such as handling clients who are struggling under the weight of financial problems. This is one such situation that more and more advisors will encounter in the future and requires emotional intelligence that cannot be taught as part of a standard course.

Further training

A new advisor also needs training in promoting themselves and their services from the start. They should be encouraged to learn all they can about every aspect of the industry and to market that knowledge and expertise to the public. Training is about be able to offer the best service, but is pointless if people do not know you are there.

With mentoring and further training after becoming CeMAP qualified, mortgage advisors can help to ensure they start their careers with their best foot forward.


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