Revised advisor portal launched by Canada Life

Mortgage lender Canada Life has launched a new version of its portal for mortgage advisors, which will offer them a greater degree of control when dealing with customers.

This revised version of the portal enables advisors to get quotes from different mortgage lenders on the market, submit completed mortgage applications on behalf of their clients and keep up with how these applications are progressing via a single platform. Thus, Canada Life is suggesting that it will make the working lives of busy advisors smoother and easier.

The updated portal contains a number of new functions that were not available with the previous version, including a filter option for removing unsuitable products from searches and smart searching. It has also been made available for tablets and mobile phones, allowing advisors to gain access to it from any location.

In a statement, Alice Watson, the Marketing Insurance Chief for Canada Life, stated that:

“After listening to feedback from our advisor community, we’ve invested in introducing improvements designed to enhance the advisor experience.”

Watson went on to say that the enhancements the company had made to the portal were putting it at the cutting edge of the market and would help to make sure that using it was simple and stress free for advisors, as well as helping them to serve their customers as effectively as possible.

From online CeMAP training courses to platforms for post-training advice and application work like this, technology is increasingly central to the working lives of mortgage advisors and needs to be kept up-to-date.


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