Rise in number of advisors joining Stonebridge

The Stonebridge mortgage network has stated that the ongoing attempts to add new advisors to its roster is proving to be successful, with it having double the number of pending applications compared with 2019.

The network has indicated that it added a further 13 insurance and mortgage advisors by the time September came to an end, which took the total number of advisors employed by Stonebridge to 733. The task of adding further advisors is handled by the recruitment department, along with the help of appointed representative companies that are already part of the network.

Furthermore, Stonebridge is confident that the number of new advisors that sign up will remain at this high level. A spokesperson told FT Adviser that it currently has over 150 applicants that are either going through the process of joining or are awaiting a decision on their applications. These include both advisors joining existing Stonebridge partner companies and self-employed ones. Overall, the volume of applications to join has increased year-on-year from 60.

The network’s Chief Executive, Rob Clifford, suggested that the strong levels of growth within the housing market were a major reason for the rush of advisors wanting to join Stonebridge, and that the amount of enquiries it had received during the lockdown indicated that advisors had been using that time to reconsider their career directions.

The option of signing up with a thriving mortgage network to launch a career as an advisor is an attractive one, and is a reason why getting the CeMAP qualification has so much appeal.


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