Smartr365 introduces marketing brand for advisors

Smartr365 has introduced a new marketing brand for mortgage advisors that gives them the opportunity to produce customised advertising materials for their businesses.

This new offering is called HomeBuyer, and it provides advisors with online templates that they can use to produce their own tailored advertising materials. It will enable them to create business posters, content targeted at social media sites and email banners, all of which are given the bespoke branding of their companies. In addition, advisors will also be able to use the HomeBuyer Hub to apply their brand to their customer-facing tools.

These advertising materials tailored to their business brands can also have the logo of another business added if the decision has been made to combine marketing, while a QR code can be applied to allow client leads to connect quickly with an advisor.

Furthermore, other sections of the Smartr365 platform – like its FactFind and Client Portal functions – can be customised with the brand of an advisor’s business. The new hub is available for free to those who use the platform.

Speaking to Mortgage Strategy, the Chief Executive of Smartr365, Conor Murphy, said:

“The fierce competition in today’s mortgage market brings the importance of marketing to the fore.”

Murphy went on to add that this new hub would boost the number of leads for advisors by letting them develop advertising materials suited to their needs.

From online CeMAP training to solutions like this for qualified advisors, technology is increasingly shaping the mortgage advice sector.


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