Stamp duty support line for advisors launched by NatWest

NatWest has announced that it is launching a brand-new support line for advisors that will specifically focus on providing help with questions concerning the stamp duty holiday.

This telephone support service is starting up straight away and will provide advisors with answers to any queries they may have about ongoing mortgage applications. The aim behind it is to give them the best possible chance of getting these applications over the line before the stamp duty threshold is restored to its normal level, so that homebuyers can benefit from the savings.

NatWest will also be offering this help to those borrowers who have agreed a mortgage loan and deal to purchase a property, but are experiencing delays in the process, so that they too can get their purchase wrapped up before the holiday on stamp duty payments ends.

In a situation where a borrower’s existing mortgage offer has just a month left to run, advisors will be able to use this service to apply for an extension of three months on their behalf. If it is for a new build home, they can potentially apply for an extension of up to six-months.

A spokesperson for NatWest told Financial Reporter that:

“We have capacity within our underwriting teams to efficiently and diligently review applications and implementing the dedicated support line is another way for us to ensure we are then when brokers need us most.”

As with providers offering CeMAP training courses online, services like this that help advisors through this difficult period will always be welcome.


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