Stonebridge sees advisor applications rise

The Stonebridge mortgage network has announced that the number of advisors who applied to join it during July was the highest it had been since its launch.

A total of 22 mortgage advisors were added to the network over the course of the month. This took the number of its advisors to 709, with a spokesperson for Stonebridge stating that the majority were highly experienced and either switching from another network or transitioning to the role of appointed representative.

Stonebridge Chief Executive Rob Clifford said that demand to join the network among advisory companies has been rising throughout 2020, with the virus doing little to change that. He went on to say that it had become apparent that those who are already signed up are keen to expand their operations to meet that demand, with the Stonebridge recruitment team more than able to help achieve that aim.

July also saw the number of applications for mortgage loans dealt with by Stonebridge hit record levels, as it processed over £1 billion worth throughout the month. A total of 5,500 applications were placed by mortgage firms that are part of the network in July.

Clifford stated that this followed what had been a very good month for the network in June, and that all of the available evidence indicated that August had also been healthy.

Clearly, mortgage advisory firms see Stonebridge as a network on the up, and the chance to be part of it could be leading people to pursue CeMAP training courses.



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