Take CeMAP home study course and save money

Those looking to become a mortgage advisor need to take their CeMAP exams. Yet in times like these, when the economy is recovering, is now a good time for people to fork out huge sums of money for re-training? Are there jobs about? We look at a few points for discussion:

People will always need homes and in Britain, we have a set culture where we want to own the home we live in. If we aren’t buying, we are frequently remortgaging to get the best deal. Mortgage advisors are well placed to ride out any future recession.

Check out the job boards. Right now, there are more mortgage advice-related jobs being advertised than we’ve seen since pre-credit crunch back in 2006 – so it seems a good time to be taking the CeMAP.

CeMAP training doesn’t have to be expensive. There are CeMAP training providers in London and elsewhere that charge more than £1,000 for a one-week CeMAP course and the training materials they use require you to do up to 40 hours pre-study. Instead, look for a reputable trainer with teaching experience who will not require any pre-reading and instead has adapted the syllabus to make it easy for a small group to study together in a week and pass the exams.

Alternatively, save even more money and take a CeMAP home study course. With distance learning from home, you work at your own pace – meaning you probably won’t do it all in a week or two, but with the same materials, and telephone/email support should you need it, you could save a lot of money, beat the recession and ensure you welcome the new economy with a brand new career as a mortgage advisor.



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