Home study: choosing between online and hard copy

When it comes to training to become a mortgage advisor, you need to get your CeMAP qualification. If you’re unable to attend a full-time, intensive CeMAP course then home study is certainly a popular option as distance learning means you can study in your own time and at your own pace.

It seems that almost everything is available online nowadays and in fact, when it comes to distance learning, even the Open University is providing fewer materials in a hard copy and relying instead upon people printing off PDFs if they wish to.

Yet there are still some advantages to having a hard copy, so which do you choose if given the option?

The obvious advantage of studying an online CeMAP course is the ability to access it from any computer anywhere you like. This means you can study at work, home or a relative’s house, in a library or anywhere you choose.

However, your preference of hard copy or online courses might depend on your study style and where you personally like to study. As an example, if you spend a lot of time on a train or bus, then although you might be able to use your laptop the power supply may not always be guaranteed and you may not have much work space. In this case, a printed copy may be ideal.

You might like to highlight items with a highlighter pen or scribble revision notes – this is often done best on the original copy. One thing to remember is you can always print out parts of an online CeMAP course to do this, but if you find yourself printing off lots of pages then the cost may be prohibitive.

The choice of hard copy or an online copy of a CeMAP course will depend upon each individual and this is why at Beacon Financial Training, we provide both online options and hard copy so you can choose what suits your individual study style.



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