Top superstitions when selling a house

People all around the world pay attention to a host of superstitions, many of them connected to the property market. Below are some superstitions which you may come across when buying or selling a property.

One of the most well known superstitions regards the number 13. According to research, there are far fewer number 13 homes sold than numbers 11 and 12. The lowest number of homes at number 13 was found in Birmingham, in comparison to the average number of 11 and 12s. Some property developers go as far as to name a house rather than give it the number 13, while some don’t have a 13th floor.

Irish tradition warns a householder to exit the home through the same door that you entered, or risk having bad luck. This only applies to the first time that you enter and leave your home.

Although moving home is generally carried out at the weekend, it is considered bad luck to move on a Friday or a Saturday. According to Indian beliefs, the luckiest day to move into a new property is a Thursday.

When you move into a new home, take care when you are unpacking your belongings, as breaking a mirror will give you seven years of bad luck. This originated from Roman times, with Romans believing that the soul of the one responsible for breaking the mirror would become trapped inside.

Rather than leave buying a new home completely to superstitions and luck, it is advisable to speak to a CeMAP qualified mortgage adviser, who relies on studying on a CeMAP training course for information.



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