What’s next once you complete your online mortgage advisor course?

If you have decided that becoming a mortgage advisor is the most suitable career choice for you, one of the first decisions you will have made will be the training towards gaining your Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP).

Taking a mortgage advisor course online is often the simplest option, as it creates a flexible opportunity for you to complete study combined with other demands in your life, perhaps like childcare or other employment. The CeMAP qualification is mandatory, and is the industry benchmark, recognised by the Regulator.

Benefits of gaining an online mortgage advisor qualification

Online learning offers a flexible approach to studying for a professional qualification. Learning can take place anywhere in which there is a computer or mobile device and internet connection. Study can take place at any time of day, so it is possible to combine the rigours of study with other demands on time. Some people find that they can study more effectively during the evening, while others prefer studying first thing in the morning. Either way, online study makes it possible to optimise your available time.

Once you have completed the training for CeMAP, and passed the exams, you can finally celebrate your achievements. However, it may not be possible to find work as a mortgage advisor until you have gained some experience. There are also other skills required in addition to the formal CeMAP qualification.

How to gain experience as a mortgage advisor

If your ultimate career goal was to become a mortgage advisor, you may have applied for employment in a similar environment so that you could gain experience in the financial sector. This would have given you a solid base before studying for the CeMAP mortgage advisor qualification. Once you have completed the study, you will be ready to gain experience of customers and understand how you can provide an excellent level of service. Although you may be considering becoming self-employed, you may benefit from taking a position with a mortgage lender so that you can learn a little more about the industry and how you can help people to find the most suitable mortgage for their needs.

Which skills do you need to become a mortgage advisor?

Communication skills are a priority for mortgage advisors, as you will be conversing with a wide variety of people, all of whom have different requirements and situations. You may be advising people about new products that have just been introduced, or you could be calling someone to tell them that their application for a mortgage has been successful.

Attention to detail is crucial, as you may be producing calculations that show how much a person can borrow from a lender, or other details. The borrower wants to feel as though the mortgage advisor has all the relevant knowledge and is able to help them find the most suitable product for them.

Many of the skills required can be gained from taking the online mortgage advisor qualification. Flexibility, planning and preparing, along with attention to detail and accuracy, are all skills you will learn as a mortgage advisor.



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