Top tips for studying towards a CeMAP qualification

Recognised as the predominant certification for those wanting to work as a mortgage advisor, the CeMAP qualification is growing in popularity. It can be a difficult process, but there are several top tips available to those studying towards a CeMAP qualification.

Take a step back

People who study for CeMAP with prior experience in the mortgage industry could find themselves struggling in some areas. If this is the case, it is always best to try and step out of the box that you are in.

For example, when reading the questions on the paper, it is good to try and put yourself in another position; perhaps as the mortgage broker. Seeing how they would approach the issue may help you formulate a better answer.

Keep it simple

One area where it is particularly hard for those already working in the mortgage industry is in applying their thought process to their own products. The CeMAP examination papers will always focus on generic products, so steering clear of specifics can help a great deal.

Prepare yourself

Being aware of the sections in the paper is another good tip for those studying for and sitting the exam. Whilst each section clearly has its own emphasis, there are parallels across them, so understanding the distinctions in each area will allow you to study in a clearer way and perform more efficiently in the exam.

Managing time

Time management is of course an essential aspect of any study and any exam sitting. With CeMAP, you will have two hours in which to complete the whole paper. The paper is broken down into six case studies; so allowing 20 minutes for each case study makes sense.

In reality though, you should not give more than 15 – 17 minutes on each study. You can then use the extra time to check your work and ensure you have answered everything to the very best of your ability.

Picture the situation

When approaching each case study, it is always best to imagine the client sat in front of you. This can easily be practised and studied for. When first looking at the case studies, it is also a good idea to make a note of the keywords you need to reference in your answer; ensuring these are adequately covered.

Deciding where to start

There is plenty of advice out there that suggest leaving any questions which are harder to the end. In regards to time management, this may make sense. However, it is often a false representation of time and can simply lead to hurried answers towards the end of the paper.

It may be better to lend at least half of the individual question time to the harder questions immediately. Really focussing this way can clarify the difficulties and prevent procrastination from happening.

These are just some of the best tips for acquiring that invaluable CeMAP qualification. When studying, it is also worthwhile breaking the subject matter into small chunks, studying for only 20 minutes at a time, and breaking for five minutes. Little and often can work extremely well in all levels of study.



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