Twenty7Tec announces record number of February searches

The latest data released by Twenty7Tec shows that February brought three of its four busiest ever days, with advisors carrying out a total of over 1.43 million searches for mortgage products over last month.

Not only did the search platform experience three individual days with new record search numbers in February, it also saw a new record total for a single month since it was first launched. The number of advisors turning to Twenty7Tec during February to find suitable products for their clients hit higher levels than the period last year when the stamp duty holiday was in play.

When looked at for the year so far as a whole, there have been more than three million Twenty7Tec searches by mortgage advisors since the start of January. The platform passed the one million mark in the third week of that month, and the two million one by the second week of February.

Part of the reason for the volume of searches is the fact that product numbers have been rising again following the pandemic. Currently, these numbers have reached 87.6% of the figure they were at before Covid-19.

Nathan Reilly from Twenty7Tec told Financial Reporter that February had produced higher search numbers even though the month was shorter, before going on to say:

“Activity was stronger in the first half of the month so it will be interesting to see how momentum sustains into March and the pre-Easter push.”

Demand for CeMAP courses will likely also stay high as the mortgage sector is recovering quickly.


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