Survey shows client engagement top focus for advisors

A new survey of mortgage advisors has found that boosting client engagement using technology is what they consider to be their main focus in the coming year.

SimplyBiz conducts this survey two times each year, and the results of the first one for 2022 made it clear that exploring digital options for improving client engagement is seen by advisors as a challenge but also a chance to grow their businesses. The primary methods that they told the survey they were looking at to achieve this were digital marketing and video conferencing.

The mortgage advisors taking part in the poll also indicated that video conferencing was a complement to meeting clients in person, rather than a replacement, with the latter still being at the core of their business models.

Overall, the results of the SimplyBiz survey suggest that advisors are confident about future prospects. From the 300 that participated, only 3% expressed doubts about the chances for their businesses in the year ahead. An overwhelming majority – 75% in total – said that their client numbers had risen over the last year, with most anticipating that trend continuing.

Marketing Director at SimplyBiz, Richard Ardron, told Mortgage Solutions that:

“The most important overall message from the survey is that we can see the value of advice has never been clearer to consumers, and all indications suggest a bright future ahead for the sector.”

The numbers seeking out a CeMAP training company so they can qualify as mortgage advisors are typically high when the industry is experiencing a time of good health like this.


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