Twenty7Tec claims mortgage market showing signs of recovery

The tech solutions provider Twenty7Tec has claimed that the first signs of recovery are now visible in the mortgage market, citing a rise in the numbers of people searching online for mortgages – the first such rise since the coronavirus crisis began.

The online mortgage platform experienced an increase of 5% in the numbers using it to look for deals in comparison to the numbers for the same day the week before. Furthermore, the amount of European Standard Information Sheets (ESIS) that were completed also rose in comparison to both the day and week before.

Twenty7Tec CEO James Tucker told Financial Reporter that the boost in the numbers of people looking for a mortgage using its platform was the first time this had risen since the coronavirus crisis hit during March. He continued by stating that completion of ESIS documents had gone up by 3.52% in comparison with the same day the previous week, while also enjoying a rare rise of 1.29% on the figure for the day before.

Tucker pointed out that the most significant rise came in the area of mortgage purchase searching, which spiked by 13.13% in comparison to a week before, then added:

“Whilst one swallow does not a summer make, I think that the market needs to hear good news in a timely fashion. It’s definitely something for brokers, lenders and other providers to build on.”

This will be welcome for many, including mortgage advisors who completed CeMAP courses before this hit and are trying to launch their businesses.


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