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Two promotions announced at Paradigm

Paradigm Mortgage Services has announced that two of its existing staff members have been given a promotion and will now be taking on roles as business development consultants.

In confirming the promotions, the company’s chief executive Bob Hunt said that the decision to move Alex Vaughan-Tift and Tom Hunt into these new positions was in recognition of their achievements in their previous roles. Both were mortgage technical services advisors and worked closely alongside the team on the mortgage helpdesk.

They will go on performing some of those duties, but will now primarily be responsible for promoting the DFM, compliance and protection services offered by Paradigm and looking to bring in new partner firms.

Paradigm is stating that there has been a significant increase in the amount of interest that is being shown in its mortgage products during the past twelve months. The company says that there has been a 12% rise in the volume of enquiries that have been received by the helpdesk over that time.

Speaking to Financial Reporter, Hunt went on to add:

“As Paradigm continues to grow, so does our need for quality staff and we will be recruiting further throughout 2020, especially given the increased popularity of our mortgage helpdesk service.”

He concluded by saying that the promotions were a positive way to begin 2020, which will see Paradigm look to expand further into the intermediary sector.

This goes to show that there is plenty of opportunity for advancement in the mortgage industry, for those who have the necessary qualifications like CeMAP.



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