What are the qualities of a good mortgage advisor?

If you’re seeking a new career path, training to be a mortgage advisor could be worth considering. Assisting others to secure a home for their future can be a very rewarding pursuit and with training, qualified mortgage advisors can command excellent salaries and commissions that increase in line with their experience.

To become a successful mortgage advisor, you’ll need to have certain personal attributes, but you’ll also need to acquire the necessary skills to perform your professional duties. CeMAP mortgage advisor training is the perfect approach to gaining the expert knowledge you’ll need to offer comprehensive advice on mortgages. When you’ve completed all your CeMAP training exams, you’ll have a whole new skill set and a qualification you’ll keep for life. More than this, you can list CeMAP after your name as an indication of your expertise to all who hire you.

CeMAP mortgage advisor skills

A complete CeMAP mortgage advisor course will present you with a skilled understanding of your chosen profession grounded in the most up-to-date UK legislation. Along with other capabilities, you’ll also learn how to find the best products available for your clients and how to assist them, completing applications on their behalf when requested. More complex skills like how to handle customers and managing their expectations will be covered, as well as ways to liaise and build relations with lenders and other organisations.

With the in-depth experience gained from your CeMAP course, you’ll feel confident to explain mortgage products simply and clearly to your clients, and with each successful case you’ll progress along your path to a prosperous career.

Personal qualities of successful mortgage brokers

With time and training on CeMAP courses, you can collect the skills you require to be successful in your new chosen profession. However, there are some personal attributes a good advisor should always have and continue to build on throughout their career. If you have an interest in legal and financial matters with a good head for maths, you’re off to a good start, but competent computer skills are also advantageous.

Being a good communicator is essential, but this doesn’t just mean being able to convey complicated information in a way that’s easy to understand, although this is important. A mortgage advisor must also be a good listener, able to comprehend client needs so they can get the perfect product to match their individual requirements. Having exceptional customer service skills is vital but advisors must also be trustworthy, with an honest approach to their work and an understanding of the importance of confidential information.

Strong support on your side to build your skills

Whether you opt for distance learning or classroom-based training, CeMAP courses are supported by specialist tutors ready to pass on their experience to students. At Beacon Financial Training, our support doesn’t stop when you pass your exams, we offer unlimited assistance to those taking our courses offering aid even when you’re practicing as a fully qualified mortgage advisor. Contact us today to find out if a career offering advice is suited to you.


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