How long does a CeMAP qualification last for?

Investing in education can be an expensive process, with many qualifications requiring you to resit exams periodically during your career to ensure your knowledge doesn’t become outdated. However, this isn’t the case with a CeMAP mortgage advisor qualification.

A Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) is the recognised industry standard qualification for those working in the UK’s financial services sector. Once all the CeMAP training course exams have been successfully completed, you will never be required to take them again. You will also be legally qualified to advise clients on mortgages and related products.

A qualification you can keep forever

Unlike other courses, once you’ve finished your CeMAP training, you will keep your qualification for the rest of your life. Whether you learn in a classroom-based course at a dedicated centre, or conveniently acquire your qualification in your own time with a home studies option, you’ll be able to add ‘CeMAP’ after your name. With these letters included in your title, those hiring you from building societies and banks to customers and clients, will be able to trust in your experience and abilities as a qualified mortgage advisor.

Regardless of whether you learn at home or in classes, your CeMAP learning will be supported by expert tutors, ready to advise and help you on your journey to becoming a qualified advisor. The knowledge and understanding you’ll gain during CeMAP training courses will give you a strong foundation to build your new career on. From understanding UK legislation and its effect on your practice, to how to handle your client’s expectations and assist them with applications, the knowledge you acquire will stand you in good stead and stay with you forever.

Offering informed and up-to-date advice

While it’s true that a CeMAP regulatory qualification will always remain valid, it’s well worth remembering that the financial industry is always evolving. To make certain you’re always giving out the most accurate advice, it’s your responsibility as qualified mortgage advisor to ensure you always stay up to speed with the very latest yearly changes and regulations here in the UK.

All CeMAP training courses are taught using current legislation to make certain you get your studies started on the right foot as you take your first steps to becoming a fully qualified mortgage advisor.

Trusted training from industry experts

When you’re seeking an outstanding CeMAP training company, it’s worth considering how long you can rely on its assistance. At Beacon Financial Training, we invest fully in the people who take advantage of our CeMAP courses, supporting them not just during their courses but once they’re up and running as professional mortgage advisors. Our approach to education and training insists that not only the CeMAP qualifications you gain last indefinitely, but our ongoing assistance and advice continues too, ensuring you go from strength to strength in your new career.

Contact us today to explore our comprehensive collection of easy-to-access CeMAP courses and find the path to your chosen profession.


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