What can I do with a CeMAP qualification?

If you’re planning on pursuing a career offering advice on mortgages to clients, CeMAP classes are a perfect place to start.

Whether you’re beginning by booking a CeMAP 1 course or taking your studies to the next level in CeMAP 2 & 3, you might be curious about how you can use your freshly gained knowledge and experience in the real world. If you’re currently wondering how you can best use a CeMAP qualification to your advantage, read on to explore your options.

A benchmark for professional excellence

CeMAP is the recognised industry standard qualification for mortgage advisors based in the United Kingdom. UK law insists that any individual offering clients mortgage advice must possess relevant certification to practice. Once you’ve completed all your CeMAP courses and acquired this regulatory qualification, you’ll be legally able to practice your new profession. Respected by clients and employers alike, CeMAP qualifications are evidence of having a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of providing sound mortgage advice. On successful completion of your qualification, you’ll be entitled to put ‘CeMAP’ after your name, allowing clients and companies enlisting your services to feel confident in your capabilities.

Gaining further experience on the job

Businesses such as banks, building societies and private brokerages are often on the lookout for people who’ve passed their CeMAP mortgage advisor course to join their organisation. Possessing the appropriate qualification before applying for a position will give you an advantage over unqualified candidates who haven’t yet completed their CeMAP studies.

With CeMAP training under your belt, you can then continue to build your skills as an advisor, learning while you earn at an established organisation. With every year you offer advice to company clients at the bank or building society where you work, you’ll gain more experience and command a larger annual salary.

Finding your own path in a new profession

With a CeMAP qualification to your credit, you’ll also have the option to strike out on your own. Working freelance can allow you to take control of your earnings using your knowledge and experience to help people secure loans for their new homes. Working for yourself doesn’t mean you always have to work on your own though; many mortgage brokerages employ freelance mortgage advisors and pay them a commission for every successful case completed. As your experience grows, so will the size of the commission you’ll be awarded.

Advantages of CeMAP courses from Beacon Financial Training

Due to our high standard of training, at Beacon Financial Training we’ve developed professional relationships in a network that includes several building societies, banks and mortgage brokers. As a result of these connections, while we can’t guarantee a position, we can ensure that people booking CeMAP training courses with us get an opportunity to meet with these businesses. This can be an ideal way to kickstart your career after you attain your CeMAP mortgage advisor qualification.

Get in touch with our team if you’d like to discuss the options for your new profession.


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