What to check when doing CeMAP by distance learning

In today’s fluctuating job market, more people than ever are looking to expand their options, whether that is through a career change or expanding their skills to enhance their CV. The CeMAP qualification is ideal for this, as it opens the door not only to training to become a mortgage advisor but to a whole host of roles in the financial industry.

Once you have decided to study for the CeMAP though, the thought of a full-time CeMAP course can be daunting. Not only does it involve taking time off from your existing employment, but depending on where the course is, it could mean staying in a hotel for a few days or a longer commute than normal. If you have children, then there is also the childcare to sort out. There is no better alternative than a full-time CeMAP course within a small study group led by a qualified tutor, but the proposition does not suit everybody.

Distance learning has a number of advantages that can lend itself to those having trouble attending a full time course. Childcare is not an issue when you can study from home. Lunch breaks and time spent commuting by train can be valuable blocks of extra study time or you can allocate time at home. Employers often see distance learning as a sign of real commitment and enthusiasm, giving it an additional hidden benefit.

The key to successful home study is the materials and if it has been put together by a qualified teacher rather than just someone who has worked as a mortgage broker then you stand a better chance of understanding the materials rather than having to learn it parrot-fashion, which helps no-one and often leads to problems. Tutor support by email and telephone will also be invaluable if you need a little help with any concepts. With this sort of CeMAP home study course, the only factor left to sort out is when and where you will study.



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