Show self-motivation with CeMAP home study

Some people seem to think that home study is an easy option, but anyone who has tried it will tell you otherwise. Studying a CeMAP home study course for example requires self-motivation and self-discipline to set aside the time to apply yourself.

Showing self-discipline, motivation and the keenness and enthusiasm for career progression are all traits valued by any potential employer. Many employers advertising for trainee mortgage advisors or people to work in any financial services role will often request that an applicant has either prior experience (so they can feel assured that you know you enjoy and want to stay working in the sector) or prior qualifications.

It used to be the case that Joe Bloggs, interested in training to become a mortgage advisor, could show a little enthusiasm and walk into a role where the employer would pay to put them through a CeMAP training course. However, in many cases nowadays, employers will request that their applicants have already got their CeMAP 1 and even though we are coming out of the recession now, many are still insisting their applicants have their CeMAP 1 and in many cases even the complete CeMAP qualification.

In an economy where the employed must show dedication to their role or when the unemployed cannot be certain they’ll have a new job in a few months’ time, not everyone wants or can afford to take time off work for a full-time course and so distance learning is seeing a real revival. As doing your CeMAP by this method undoubtedly shows real dedication and enthusiasm, it can certainly give your CV a real boost.



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