What to look for in a mortgage broker course

If you are set on starting a new career offering advice to people seeking a mortgage and helping them secure their future home, you will first need to spend time studying, successfully pass exams and acquire qualifications.

UK mortgage brokers must have the appropriate training and expertise to perform their role, defined by a qualification recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). To gain this certification, candidates must select a course that meets the authority’s approval.

CeMAP mortgage advisor training

CeMAP (Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice) courses are specifically designed to answer the crucial requirements for individuals to practice as professional mortgage brokers. Divided into three parts, a CeMAP training course offers students a comprehensive education in their new field that they can build on once they start acting as an advisor. CeMAP is a qualification accepted by the FCA and acknowledged by employers and clients alike as a sign of in-depth understanding of providing expert advice on mortgages.

Qualities to look for in a mortgage broker course

While CeMAP is a recognised qualification, not all courses in CeMAP are equal. It may be beneficial to find CeMAP courses offering a flexible way to learn the skills you need as a mortgage advisor. The three separate levels can be studied either sequentially or in whatever order suits you best. With some courses it may also be possible to obtain your certification by studying at home on a CeMAP distance learning course. This can be helpful if you live in a remote location or need to fit your studies in around your existing responsibilities.

The best CeMAP training is supported by easy-to-understand course materials that make sometimes complicated concepts simple to grasp. Courses where you are afforded the option for support from a tutor whenever you require it, can be an advantage, especially when you come across a topic you find tricky. CeMAP learning classes where you are able to practice with past exam questions can also help you prepare for a successful result.

Finally, picking a CeMAP course that allows you to retake your examinations as many times as you need to get the score you are satisfied can be a wise choice when cost is a concern. A CeMAP training company confident in the education it provides may offer this option to students.

Unparalleled education from expert tutors

At Beacon Financial Training we have developed CeMAP courses and classes to suit a variety of different students. Whether you choose to learn face-to-face at one of our centres or online through a home study course, you will benefit from the same high standard of teaching from specialist tutors with a passion for their subject. Our support does not stop after you pass your exams either. We keep in regular contact with our course candidates, offering guidance even when they are up and running as professional mortgage brokers. Contact us today to discuss the options available to you for CeMAP studies.


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