Lockdown influences rise in online fact finds

There has been a huge rise in the amount of internet fact finds sent to customers by mortgage advisors during the coronavirus lockdown, according to the intermediary network HL Partnership (HLP).

HLP is stating that the number of these that clients have been sent to fill out from home has risen by close to 200% during this period and is attributing it to mortgage advisors adjusting their ways of working during the crisis to secure the information they need from their clients. They are sending texts and emails containing links to these fact finds for the client to open and then complete.

HLP’s CEO, Chris Tanner, told Financial Reporter that HLP had been working in close partnership with tech firms such as Twenty7Tec and Mortgage Broker Tools for several years so that advisors would have the cutting edge connected solutions needed to maintain efficient service standards despite disruptions like the pandemic and lockdown restrictions.

Tanner went on to say that planned improvements to the tech roadmap offered by HLP would further show how important state-of-the-art solutions are to advisors in 2020, before adding:

“The first enhancement to the platform that has gone live is the link to MBT, which will be followed almost immediately after by Criteria Search, with MortgageApply to follow.”

The coronavirus crisis is making remote working options important to mortgage advisors at every step, from being able to complete the necessary CeMAP training online to having the tools to help clients find a mortgage once qualified.


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