The growing popularity of home study courses

Home study courses have slowly been becoming more popular over the last few decades but the advent of the Internet has meant information can be communicated faster than ever before. Long-established institutions such as The Open University have embraced the digital age and other distance learning institutions have followed suit.

Even the financial industry, renowned for being perhaps somewhat slower than other industries for embracing new technology, have now taken on the internet and mobile technologies available – with mobile banking, internet banking and electronic checks now commonplace.

Yet it has taken a little longer for the financial training courses, for qualifications such as the CeMAP (to become a mortgage advisor), the CeFA (the equivalent for a financial advisor) and other such qualifications to move to the digital age.

Now you can study CeMAP from home, using specially designed distance learning materials. Almost every financial training course provider who supplies home study materials will find it is the most popular form of study now. The recession has made them even more popular, as people look to save money and avoid classroom study where they can.

At Beacon Financial Training, we not only offer a CeMAP and CeFA distance learning package that you can study at home, but we also include free tutorial support. Our materials were designed by a professional teacher-turned mortgage advisor, so our materials are user-friendly and easy to understand even to those outside of the industry. Our tutorial support means you can be sure that you will understand even the most difficult concepts and ask any questions that you want to a qualified tutor.



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