Why networks can be great for advisors

Increasingly, mortgage companies are offering advisors the opportunity to join their networks. Typically this allows an advisor to become part of that company’s team while also having freelance status and it can be an option worth considering.

One advantage is that it will give you access to the name of an established company, which can help you to sell your advisory services. However good you are at your job, the public responds to industry names it knows and trusts and if the company network you are part of lets you use its name, this will attract customers in a similar way that a CeMAP qualification will. When choosing a network package, always look for one that offers you this.

Another potential benefit is that it can allow advisors to enjoy greater freedom as a self-employed person rather than a salaried worker. This means being able to choose which clients to take on and being able to set targets for yourself, giving you far greater control than an employee. Again, not every network package will offer this, so you should hold out for one that does.

Finally, joining the network of an established mortgage firm can provide you with greater opportunities to grow your career and future earnings than you will have if you go it alone. If you have taken the time to secure the right qualifications from a CeMAP training company, you will want to see your career move forward, so find out what opportunities different network packages offer for this.


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