Accord Mortgages launches enhanced website for advisors

Accord Mortgages has introduced a comprehensively revised version of its website for mortgage advisors that comes with a number of enhanced features, including better navigation and criteria search function.

The lender spoke directly to advisors before embarking on this redesign of the site and used the feedback that they provided when improving its features and content. A series of user tests were carried out by advisors working throughout the country to determine whether the self-service criteria and product search functions and upgraded site navigation are what they need from it.

Accord is stating that its revised website will mean that searching for the information needed by mortgage advisors is considerably more efficient than before. It will also provide advisors with the ability to contact business development managers (BDMs) using a webchat facility if they need help with more complicated.

Talking to Financial Reporter, the senior distribution manager at Accord, Nicola Alvarez, said that the company was hoping that the enhanced site would give advisors all that they need to assist their clients in a single place.

She then went on to add that:

“They can now self-serve and perform searches to get key information much more quickly, freeing up their valuable time amidst a rapidly changing market environment where their services are more in demand than ever.”

Anything that allows advisors to devote more of their time, and CeMAP course expertise, to supporting their clients rather on performing routine tasks is something that the majority of advisors will welcome.


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