Advisors encouraged to create mortgage clinics

Just Mortgages is urging mortgage advisors throughout the UK to set up special mortgage clinics, to help educate people about changes in the market and what their options are.

The company has suggested this as a solution to the widespread confusion and misunderstanding among the general public caused by ongoing shifts in the market and reduced confidence levels. It has put together resources that advisors can potentially use to secure the educational information that they will need when running the clinics and is also helping interested advisors to make them happen.

It was advisors who work for Just Mortgages that first mooted the idea of these clinics. They organised some and noted that they were very effective at informing potential borrowers about what their choices are in the current mortgage market.

Everything from army bases to hospitals, village halls, churches and other places central to local communities have been used as venues for the clinics up to now. Some of them have also been held late at night, to accommodate people with unusual working patterns.

Speaking to Mortgage Solutions, Just Mortgages national operations director John Phillips stated that there are real opportunities for advisors willing to reach out, adding:

“We’re encouraging our brokers to get out into their communities to help people understand the market and what it means for them and their individual circumstances.”

This is an idea that any advisors who have done the CeMAP training course should be jumping at, because the point of the job is to help the general public.


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