Are CeMAP exams open book?

An open book-type examination is a form of assessment designed to enable course candidates to refer to summaries and class notes, textbooks, a personal memory aid or other kinds of approved content while they are answering test questions in controlled conditions.

The exams that complete each unit of the Certificate of Mortgage and Practice (CeMAP) are not open-book assessments. They have been devised to test and assess whether students have retained information on their new chosen profession of being a mortgage advisor to ensure they have the knowledge and skills required to practice.
In the next sections, we’ll take a closer look at CeMAP exams to inform potential candidates of what is in store when they reach this final stage of their training and offer some helpful tips for success.

What’s involved in CeMAP training exams?

While you won’t be able to take any reference materials into a CeMAP exam, you’ll typically be given tax tables and a calculator, as well as paper and a pen for any rough working out you need to do. You’ll be directed to a desktop computer with a mouse connected to complete the test. Usually, you’ll also have access to headphones to block out any distracting background noise from other students in the test centre.

The exam is completely electronic, and just like a driving test, you’ll be able to practice using the system before you begin examination. The exam is made up of multiple choice-style questions, and using the mouse, you can choose which answer you believe is correct. In the event that you’re unsure of the right answer, you’ll be able to mark the question as “review” and skip on to another question to save time. You can then refer to the question again later and select your answer.

Before you submit your answered questions, you’ll have the opportunity to review your exam. As soon as you submit your CeMAP paper, it will be instantly marked, and you’ll receive a printed copy of your result within minutes of submitting your exam.

Useful tips for CeMAP training course exams

It’s recommended that you book your CeMAP exam no less than two weeks following the completion of your training. This will ensure you have adequate time for revision and will also ensure you keep up momentum with your training still fresh in your head. Avoid any unnecessary stress by arriving at your test centre with lots of time to spare. You can’t use reference materials in the examination room, but you can in the waiting area before you sit an exam. For this reason, it’s wise to bring along some preparatory notes for a last-minute refresher.

Experts in CeMAP mortgage advisor training

At Beacon Financial Training, we specialise in providing professional CeMAP mortgage advisor training courses. With pride in our pass rate and confidence in our expert tuition, we offer all course candidates the ability to retake their exams until they receive the result they require at no extra charge. Contact us today to start your studies.


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