CeMAP courses in Scotland train you to help first-time buyers

The mortgage market in Scotland has shown a strong growth, especially among first-time buyers. This means that there is a high demand for mortgage advice to enable homebuyers to make informed choices about the best available products. CeMAP courses in Scotland help you gain the qualification that you need to become one of the mortgage advisors who help people purchase a home in Scotland.

Help for first-time buyers

The Scottish Government has pledged its support for home ownership and is committed to helping people on moderate incomes to purchase their first home.

Part of what you learn on a CeMAP training course is the knowledge of available finance options that can help Scottish first-time buyers. For example, a mortgage advisor needs to know about shared equity, and shared ownership schemes, which are supported by the Scottish Government. These are designed to enable people on moderate incomes to be able to afford to buy a home. There are several mortgage options available for people who use these schemes. CeMAP courses provide the knowledge an advisor needs to offer assistance with these mortgage products,

Developing relationships

Mortgage advisors need to develop relationships with first-time buyers. For most first-time buyers, they will have more than one mortgage in their life. Typically, as a couple’s family and income grow, they want to move to a bigger house, or live in a better neighbourhood. If they trust their mortgage advisor, they are likely to use them for advice on every new mortgage.

Part of the CeMAP training is roleplay where one student takes the role of the mortgage advisor and the other the client. This is designed to help students develop the communication skills a mortgage advisor requires. An advisor needs to communicate complex issues clearly so that their clients are able to make informed mortgage choices. An advisor that provides clear unbiased advice will be trusted and their clients will use them again.

Specialist Scottish advice

The property laws in Scotland differ to English ones. The law about property contracts, deposits and ownership are not the same as those in England. CeMAP courses in Scotland will teach students about Scottish property laws. The CeMAP exam in Scotland is different to the exams taken in the rest of the UK, so students need CeMAP training in Scotland that focuses on how to advise Scottish homebuyers.

Updating knowledge

CeMAP courses in Scotland can only teach about the current mortgage market and present Scottish property laws. Mortgage advisors in Scotland must update their knowledge of any changes in the law.

Mortgage lenders frequently launch new products. Independent mortgage advisors that can advise on the whole mortgage market need to keep up to date when new mortgage products are launched.

Book CeMAP courses in Scotland

Beacon Financial Training regularly holds CeMAP training courses in Scotland. If you want to be a Scottish mortgage advisor, book a course today. For further advice, talk to a member of the Beacon Financial Training team.



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