How a CeMAP course prepares you for a mortgage advisor career

People take CeMAP courses because they want to pass the exams that qualify them to become a mortgage advisor. A CeMAP course helps you get an understanding of what the life of a mortgage advisor is like and what skills you need to be successful.

Part of the CeMAP course will be roleplaying sessions where one student plays the part of someone who wants a mortgage, and the other plays the mortgage advisor. The tutor will guide the session to make sure that the person playing the mortgage advisor provides sound advice.


One of the main skills a mortgage advisor needs is communication. The role-playing sessions in the CeMAP course should help develop communication skills. A mortgage advisor talks to borrowers, estate agents and mortgage lenders. He or she needs to be able to clearly communicate with these people.


Mortgage advisors are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which has strict regulations to ensure that advisors are honest and fair when dealing with their clients. The CeMAP course teaches about the regulations and guidelines, but if the rules change, the mortgage advisor needs up-to-date knowledge to make sure that they always work within the current guidelines.

The hours

The CeMAP course does not go into details about the hours that mortgage advisors work, but advisors need to be flexible. You could work nine-to-five each day, but many financial organisations want advisors to be more accessible to clients, so may be require advisors to work evenings and weekends to meet clients outside of what would normally be considered office hours.

Is this the right job for me?

The CeMAP course can provide you with a good idea about what the job of a mortgage advisor entails. You need to have or be able to develop the key attributes that make a successful mortgage advisor.

You must have the ability to communicate clearly and be a good listener. You need to explain complex information in a simple and easily understood way. Perhaps most of all, you need to be honest and able to show your clients that you are trustworthy.

A knowledge and interest in financial and legal matters is necessary, and good computer skills and a proficiency in maths are both musts.

You need to be able to meet sales targets. Experienced mortgage advisors need to hit targets in order to receive bonuses that make the difference between a modest and a high salary.

Much of the information about clients and lenders is confidential and you need to respect privacy by not talking about the details of a mortgage application with unauthorised people.

The first step

If you have learned, or can see yourself learning, the above qualities, a mortgage advisor job can be a satisfying and rewarding career.

Your first step to becoming a mortgage advisor is to book on a CeMAP training course with Beacon Financial Training. We will teach you about what it takes to be a good mortgage advisor.



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