Halifax announces Submissions Brain integration

Halifax Intermediaries has announced that it will be integrating its services with Submissions Brain, a platform for mortgage applications created by Mortgage Brain.

This platform is designed to deploy the application programming interfaces (APIs) of mortgage lenders that are integrated with it to make it easier for mortgage advisors to submit applications and get decisions in principle (DIPs). Up until recently, it was called Lendex, and Halifax will be able to gain the use of it through Fluent Mortgages, Just Mortgages and other advice companies, prior to a wider launch of the platform at a later date.

Halifax is just one of several major mortgage lenders that have opted to integrate their services with Submissions Brain. It will be joining the likes of Coventry Building Society, Nationwide, TSB, Accord Mortgages and Virgin Money. Mortgage Brain piloted the platform at the start of 2021, and then made it available to every intermediary.

Ian Wilson from Halifax Intermediaries told Mortgage Strategy that the company was always on the lookout for options that will improve the support it gives to its intermediary partners. He then added:

“We’re delighted to be involved with Submissions Brain, which will allow mortgage applications to be transferred seamlessly to Halifax through direct system integration.”

Submissions Brain has been integrated with other Mortgage Brain services The Key and Sourcing Brain to enable advisors to add data about properties and clients to forms in advance.

Advisors who are working with Halifax after completing CeMAP training courses should find this another tool that improves their efficiency.



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