How can you emphasise your relevance to clients?

One of the key questions that a mortgage advisor has to ask is: how do I guarantee my relevance to clients? That is because retaining your existing clients is every bit as important to business success as winning new ones. There are things that you can do to ensure you stand out within a competitive field.

Treat clients as individuals

An advisor who learns about the specific circumstances of each client will be able to offer more relevant services to them than one who just promotes the same products and services to all. Use fact finds to discover needs and priorities for every client. Have their circumstances changed? Do they prioritise convenience, price or speed?

The information gleaned from fact finding and data harvesting should be put towards marketing that is tailored to the needs of each individual client.

Expand your service offer

Another good way to differentiate yourself from other advisors is to expand the range of services that you offer. Alongside protection and mortgage advice, perhaps you can also learn to deal with other financial areas such as wills or pensions. It is always possible to supplement your CeMAP mortgage advisor training with further qualifications that will let you expand into other areas of use to your clients.

Never be afraid to learn new skills that will enhance your earnings potential.

If you look at adopting these ideas for both broadening your scope and personalising your approach for each client, you should ensure they stay with you for their advice needs.


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