How to prepare yourself for a mortgage advisor course

If you have decided to start a new career as a professional mortgage advisor, an important step on your path will be completing your training course.

Acquiring a Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) will mean you have the vital qualification required by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to work as a mortgage broker. This certification is respected by clients seeking advice and employers hiring trainee advisors alike, but before you start you CeMAP course, you will need to prepare yourself.

Practicing the skillset required for mortgage advisors

On a CeMAP mortgage advisor training course, you will gain a background in the regulations governing brokers and advance to discover the many mortgage products currently. You will also learn a wide range of new skills from how mortgage applications are completed to managing your customers’ expectations when applying. However, before you begin your CeMAP classes you can start preparing for your new profession by practicing your skills in both daily life and the role you are currently employed in.

A successful mortgage advisor will be an expert at interaction. You can practice your interpersonal skills prior to commencing your course simply in the way you collaborate and cooperate with your colleagues, friends, and family. By honing your relationship management abilities, you will become a better mortgage broker.

The workplace can also be an ideal environment to develop assertiveness. Practice being persuasive by proposing logical suggestions and demonstrating their effectiveness. If you want to become an advisor, you will need to ensure customers feel confident in the decisions they are making.

Mortgage brokers must have an excellent attention to detail. A skill that will also stand you in good stead in your CeMAP learning, a meticulous approach can be developed in advance by fact-checking and proof-reading documents and presentations for practice.

Organising your study time

Timetabling your studies is another important part of your CeMAP learning preparations. If you are already working or have other personal commitments, you will need to account for this when allotting time to study. If you are employed in the industry already, your employer may give you study hours on company time, allowing you to complete your course more quickly.

While all students learn at varying rates the recommended length for a CeMAP training course is 230 hours. Depending on how much time you have free to learn, you should be able to achieve your CeMAP certification within 3 to 12 months.

Before you start studying, take some time to select the correct course for your current situation and the way you like to learn. CeMAP home study courses can offer a convenient option when your time is limited, while class-based courses can offer the reassurance that comes with face-to-face learning.

Experts in CeMAP learning

At Beacon Financial Training, we have designed a programme of CeMAP courses to fit individual students’ needs. Unlike many CeMAP training companies, we offer the ability to learn without the expense of travelling long distances, with home learning options and dedicated learning centres in UK major cities. Contact us today for further details.


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