Is a CeMAP live webinar course right for you?

Helping people to join and climb the property ladder while earning an excellent salary makes being a professional mortgage advisor a much sought-after and rewarding career. However, before you can become a broker and practice offering expert mortgage advice, you must become qualified. Fortunately, options to obtain this certification are readily available.

The Certificate of Mortgage and Practice (CeMAP) was created to equip brokers with a firm foundation in their field and give them the skillset required to carry out their role, in line with UK law. The two most common ways of acquiring a CeMAP qualification have been either in a dedicated training centre, with a class taught by an instructor, or online, completing a course via pre-recorded videos. While both have their own advantages, they are not always ideal for every candidate.

Now, a third option is offered that combines some elements of each type of course previously available. Instead of being taught in a class or delivered through videos, live webinar CeMAP training courses are delivered via five sessions on Zoom. Read on to find out if this is an option suited to the way you like to learn.

Where do you live and what is your schedule?

CeMAP training centres are based in major cities like Manchester, Liverpool and London, but commuting for courses isn’t easy for everyone. If you have existing commitments at home, like young children to care for, or you live beyond the city suburbs, learning remotely by live webinar can be more convenient. You can save money on travel, and webinar courses are also less expensive than traditional in-person training.

Do you like to ask questions and interact?

Conventional online courses allow you to learn from home. While support is available by phone and email, some students miss being able to talk about topics with their tutor there and then. Live webinars remove communication waiting times, allowing students to ask questions on the spot and accelerate their learning.

CeMAP training courses to suit your study style

At Beacon Financial Training, we are focused on keeping our courses and services for mortgage advisor training current. Our latest addition, the CeMAP live webinar course, is designed to bring an authentic classroom experience and qualified tutoring to the home of mortgage brokers to be. If you’re looking for the perks of an online course combined with live interaction with your instructor, get in touch with our dedicated staff today to book.


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