New advisor training programme launched by Just Mortgages

Just Mortgages has announced that it is introducing a new training programme aimed at mortgage advisors who have just completed their CeMAP courses.

This programme is being referred to as a masterclass and will run for a period of 12 weeks at a time. The materials that will be used during it have been put together by people who have worked as advisors in the past, and Just Mortgages is stating that it is intended to help new advisors transition from earning their qualifications to the actual work of offering advice to customers.

Among the topics that any freshly qualified advisor who signs up for the course can expect from a typical day are detailed work on mortgage product criteria and guidance from mortgage lenders about how to complete applications successfully.

In total, 12 advisors are now embarking on this programme, and the academy set up by Just Mortgages has a strong reputation within the industry. In 2021, 45 advisors went through it and got their qualifications.

The course curator, Heidi Smith, told Mortgage Strategy that the company was committed to helping its advisors to thrive, before adding:

“The mortgage market is a very fast-paced industry so brokers need to hit the ground running, and the first few weeks and months can be overwhelming.”

Smith concluded by saying this course would help them through that period.

Continuous professional development (CPD) is part of the lives of advisors after CeMAP has been completed, and this course will be an early taste of that process.


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