New CEO of Mortgage Broker Tools announced

Mortgage Broker Tools has announced the hiring of a new CEO, in the shape of Tanya Toumadj, although the person who previously held that position is set to remain on its board.

Toumadj will be replacing Lewis Lenssen as the CEO of the company and is joining Mortgage Broker Tools from Bain & Company, a firm that provides management consultancy services to an international clientele. Speaking to Mortgage Introducer after being appointed, Toumadj stated that while product affordability was a key issue that advisors needed to consider on behalf of their clients, the research needed to establish it could be time consuming.

She went on to say that Mortgage Broker Tools Affordability had been created to cut back on the time that advisors had to spend doing research into product affordability and that the constant criteria changes during the coronavirus crisis had made it even more essential, before adding:

“Feedback from brokers tells us that MBT Affordability influences their choice of lender and better enables them to recommend the most appropriate product.”

Toumadj concluded by saying that she saw her job as CEO as helping the company to grow and to continue to improve the mortgage sector with innovative technology and ideas that would make the work of advisors easier.

Anything that helps to reduce the pressure on mortgage advisors during the current virus crisis is to be welcomed, which is also why some training providers are currently offering the CeMAP mortgage advisor course as an online study option.



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