Primis records sharp rise in enquiries

Primis Mortgage Network has stated that there was a rise of 30% in the volume of enquiries that its product desk received from advisors during March and April, despite the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown restrictions.

Over those two months, the product desk dealt with a total of 4,641 enquiries from mortgage advisors who are signed up to the Primis Network. This compares with a typical two-monthly total of roughly 3,600. This is surprising given that it covers the period when the lockdown was at its strictest. However, that situation actually helps in part to explain the steep rise.

A significant percentage of these enquiries were connected with the lockdown, including requests for information about changes to mortgage products, as well as about employee furloughs and whether a particular client was eligible for a break from mortgage payments.

Other questions that the product desk staff at Primis dealt with during that period were about alternative options for mortgage loans and automated valuation model loan-to-value price caps.

Speaking to Mortgage Solutions, Vikki Jefferies from Primis stated that all of those working on the desk had coped exceptionally well with the increased demand for information from advisors during that period, adding:

“We are confident that with the team’s ongoing support, advisors will feel more confident in their conversations with clients and be better equipped to continue achieving positive customer outcomes.”

This demonstrates the value that a mortgage network can have for advisors, like the CeMAP qualification that trains them for the job.


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