New support facility for advisors launched by Just Mortgages

Just Mortgages has announced the launch of a brand-new support facility and training academy for mortgage advisors in the north west of the country, marking its first such facilities there.

This academy and support facility are both in Manchester. Up until now, any advisor who was keen to become a member of the self-employed division at Just Mortgages was required to go to Northamptonshire to receive their induction. The launch of these two new facilities will provide those who live in the north somewhere closer to home for this process.

As part of the launch, the company has appointed a training manager who will be in charge of the north of England. Tom Bell has been given this role.

Speaking to Financial Reporter, Laura Hide, the firm’s Senior Training Manager, stated that Just Mortgages was delighted to be launching its first training operations within the north. She then added:

“We have been offering workshops and one day sessions in the north since restrictions were relaxed and the success of these has driven our increased commitment to the region and to ensure courses are more accessible.”

In total, the self-employed and employed divisions at Just Mortgages have over 600 advisors working within them, with this number likely to rise further.

There are certainly no shortage of people in the north west who are keen to be mortgage advisors, as the demand for CeMAP classes in Manchester and other parts of the region demonstrates very clearly.


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