Solution for vulnerable clients launched by Comentis

A brand-new analytics solution that is designed to assist mortgage advisors in dealing with clients who are showing signs of vulnerability has been launched by tech company Comentis.

This solution features a dashboard that lists different factors that point to vulnerabilities in a client. These can be referred to by advisors to help them identify warning signs in any of the people they are helping to secure a mortgage – or to deal with repayment issues. It is powered by Comentis’ own cognitive assessment engine (CAE) to ensure all the data provided is relevant and easy to understand.

The Comentis solution highlights any clients that may be in a vulnerable psychological state, as well as what the likely reasons for it are, and notes any measures that have been applied to help them through this. Its dashboard will also highlight cases where support has not been provided, so that advisors can keep an eye on them and step in where necessary.

The company has said that using the solution will enable mortgage advice companies to comply with existing regulations on the matter, such as those from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Speaking to Mortgage Finance Gazette, Jonathan Barrett from Comentis said:

“The collection and analysis of customer data is extremely important if we are going to improve the way we identify and support vulnerable customers.”

This is one aspect of the job that CeMAP training does not prepare advisors for, which makes tools to help them identify, track and assist potentially vulnerable clients crucial.


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