Three more lenders join Mortgage Broker Tools

It has been announced that three more building societies are joining the affordability platform that was created by Mortgage Broker Tools.

The latest mortgage lenders that have signed up to this platform are Monmouthshire Building Society, Tipton & Coseley Building Society and Saffron Building Society. The decision by these three to sign up to Mortgage Broker Tools’ affordability calculator means that a total of 35 mortgage lender loan calculations will now be accessed via this online platform.

Furthermore, Mortgage Broker Tools is already indicating that these are not the last of the lenders to be added during the course of the next few weeks. The company has also stated that integration with the software used by all of the lenders signed up to it is on the cards.

Its managing director, Lewis Lenssen, said that the company was happy to add the three building societies and that each of them provided different options for advisors seeking to find the right mortgage for their customers. He added that the contractor and self-employed mortgages that they specialise in are some of the hardest to calculate the affordability of.

According to Mortgage Introducer, he concluded by saying:

“The addition of these new lenders only adds to the incredible value that MBT Affordability can offer brokers, providing a single calculator that automatically and intelligently completes individual calculators for 35 lenders.”

This should be welcome news for any CeMAP mortgage advisor seeking the most accurate calculation on behalf of their client.



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