Three reasons to do your CeMAP training online

Although the coronavirus lockdown is impacting on the mortgage industry, it will not last forever and anyone who wishes to become an advisor will still need a CeMAP qualification. There is the option of pursuing this online and doing so offers a number of benefits.


Companies are unlikely to be providing courses at training centres at the moment and for safety reasons, all non-essential travel is to be avoided during the lockdown. However, most reputable training companies will have switched to online provision instead and this will let you complete your qualifications without risking the health of yourself or others.


Completing a CeMAP training course online will save you both travelling time and costs by allowing you to work from home. This can be particularly helpful if you do not have your own transport or if you have children to look after. Furthermore, online training of this kind also gives you the convenience of working at your own pace, which can make it less stressful.

Remote working skills

Any online training course will involve mastering the learning management systems offered by the provider. It will also require you to create and share files that sometimes feature video or audio materials as part of them. Once you qualify, you will sometimes need to work with clients in this way too, so it is an advantage to experience remote working as early as possible.

These are just some of the benefits of online financial training both during and after the current global situation.


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