What CeMAP courses are available in a live webinar format?

Unlike classroom and conventional online courses, CeMAP webinar training is taught through live classes over the popular video conferencing platform Zoom. This allows those looking for a career as a mortgage broker an interactive way to gain their Certificate of Mortgage and Practice (CeMAP) while studying from home.

Offering the convenience of an online study course with the added advantages of classroom instruction, live CeMAP webinar courses are a revolutionary way of learning that makes the most of the latest technology available. As a relatively new concept for mortgage advisor training, curious candidates may be wondering what kind of CeMAP courses are available via live webinars. In the following sections, we’ll look at the available options and the support offered on these cutting-edge courses.

CeMAP mortgage advisor training

Those seeking to become certified will find that CeMAP 1 (featuring units one and two) and CeMAP 2 & 3 (containing units three to six) training courses are available in a live webinar format. As a result, brokers can complete all the training they require to become a qualified advisor remotely.

Live webinar courses are slightly less expensive than classroom training, and candidates can make further savings when they enrol in CeMAP 1 and CeMAP 2 & 3 together, as a discount is typically available from leading mortgage advisor training companies.

Support on live webinar training courses

Students who choose to learn how to perform their new role as an advisor through a webinar course will find they experience the exact same high standard of education delivered by classroom and online courses. Before the course begins and the first webinar takes place, course candidates will receive hard-copy training manuals. CeMAP webinars feature professional instructors with a teaching qualification and who are experts in their field, and students can ask questions during the Zoom sessions to instantly clear up any subjects they find confusing.

Additionally, those selecting this kind of course will have access to pre-recorded training videos, mini exams and practice exam papers. Tutors also provide learning support via email and telephone when required.

Enrol in a CeMAP webinar training course today

Beacon Financial Training is proud to offer live webinar training courses, helping candidates become qualified mortgage advisors. We stand by the level of education we provide and allow those who enrol in our courses to keep studying with us until they receive the exam result they seek at no extra charge. Contact us today to enrol.


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