What do clients look for in a mortgage advisor?

When you’re planning a new career as a mortgage broker, it’s a wise idea to put yourself in the position of the clients you serve and consider the qualities they may be seeking in an advisor. Examining your role from the perspective of homebuyers can not only assist you in understanding their individual expectations, but can also help you improve the services you supply.

Constantly enhancing how you perform in your position as a professional mortgage broker is an exceptional approach for advancing your career, paving a road that leads to success. Satisfied clients who have appreciated your aid will lead to further referrals and build your reputation with not only homebuyers, but future employers as well.

In the following passages, we’ll examine some of the key qualities clients look for when they employ the assistance of a professional mortgage advisor.

Up-to-date knowledge

The UK market for mortgage products and the legislation that impacts such offerings is constantly evolving. Clients will be looking for an advisor who does their homework and always stays abreast of any changes to ensure they secure the best deal possible.

Clear communication

Homebuying can represent a stressful process for all involved, so clients will want you to be an excellent communicator. Answering promptly to queries, whether they arrive by telephone or email, will alleviate their worries and foster positive relations. Even when no updates are available on an application, a broker who touches base with clients and keeps them informed at every stage of the process will build trust. Clients will also require an advisor who can listen as well as advise – you must be able to understand a homebuyer’s individual situation and requirements if you are to find the right product for them.

Honesty and integrity

Clients will seek a mortgage advisor they feel is honest and up front. Mortgage applications typically involve large sums of money, so it’s important for homebuyers to feel that they can trust you. Always be entirely transparent in all your dealings with your clients, particularly when it comes to costs, fees and commissions.

A CeMAP mortgage advisor qualification

Those making such a significant investment as purchasing a house will want to know that the person acting as their broker and providing advice is fully qualified to help them. A Certificate in Mortgage and Practice, or CeMAP, is a qualification designed specifically for this purpose. Not only is the certification accepted by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), a completed CeMAP qualification is also recognised as a sign of expert knowledge and skills in offering mortgage advice by clients and employers, such as banks, building societies and specialist brokers. After completing a CeMAP training course, brokers can put the letters “CeMAP” after their name and display the certificate they have gained in their office for clients to see.

At Beacon Financial Training, we offer both flexible and fast-track options for those undertaking CeMAP studies, and we continue our support even when studies are complete. Contact our professional team today for advice on our full range of courses.



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