What should you be looking for from an online training provider?

As the mortgage sector adapts to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent government lockdown, we are set to see more virtual working. For the upcoming generation of advisors, even the CeMAP mortgage advisor training they need to become qualified is likely to be carried out online more often. So what should you be looking for from an online financial training provider?

One of the main points to look at is the cost. The price of the online course should be lower than one that takes place in a classroom or training centre. Online education courses involve fewer overheads for the training provider and this is something that should be reflected in what they charge for them, but that is not always the case. Look for a company that supplies industry standard online CeMAP training while also guaranteeing a saving compared to a classroom course.

The second key thing to look for from a training provider is an assurance that their courses are comprehensive. The qualification needed to be a mortgage advisor consists of CeMAP 1, 2 and 3 and any online course that does not cover all three parts will not represent value for your time and money.

Finally, the course should closely mirror what you would get from live study at a training centre while also providing unique benefits. For example, good online training will involve heavy use of video so you still work directly with an instructor, but will also give you the option of repeating or pausing sections that you find more difficult, to improve your chances of absorbing the information.



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