Data processing link-up announced by Twenty7Tec and Paradigm

Paradigm has opted to join forces with product sourcing platform Twenty7Tec, allowing the two companies to add new data processing functions that will save advisors time.

What the partnership between the two companies means is that mortgage advisors who work for companies that are members of Paradigm will be able to take full advantage of the applications suite Velocity created by Twenty7Tec. Among the programmes that are part of this are Insight, Source, Finplan Protect, Finplan Home, Capture and Finplan Wealth.

Twenty7Tec has stated that companies which offer mortgage advice, as well as guidance on issues such as insurance, can deploy this suite and that it is designed to reduce their workloads as well as their working hours. Its platform for finding mortgage products enables advisors to input client information to quickly identify lenders that fit the needs of these clients.

As part of its link-up with Twenty7Tec, Paradigm will also be able to enjoy favourable terms when it comes to mortgage product sourcing on the platform.

Speaking to Mortgage Solutions, Paradigm mortgages director Richard Howes said that repetition of tasks like data inputting occupies too much of the time for advisors, adding:

“We believe firms that adopt technology which cuts this out of their process will be more efficient and able to spend more time with clients, and Twenty7Tec can help with this seamless integration.”

A new generation of advisors will value the ability of technology to improve efficiency, with many of them starting by using a digital CeMAP training company to learn their trade.


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